I take it personally when a fish refuses my fly.

I didn’t go through all this trouble to buy all this gear, drive all the way down to this river, hike all the way into the woods to get turned down by a fish with a brain the size of pea.

A Pea!!

I’m the top of the food chain, honed by millions of years of evolution to be the smartest creature on the planet and a pea sized brained creature is giving me the finger.

I don’t think so, not today.

That’s when it hits me…

Even though there are hundreds of caddis rising all around me and trout are stuffing their mouths faster that I can stuff Doritos down my gullet at a Super bowl party, they hate my flies. I’ve got to think outside the Caddis.

What’s the ugliest fly I have in my box? A big fat Royal Wulff. What the hell is a royal wulff anyway? It doesn’t look like any bugs I’ve seen floating through the hills of Colorado.

Tie it on first cast <WHAM> fish on.

I have no idea why it works but it does. I think sometimes you just gotta mix it up a little.

That’s exactly what we have been doing with our Greenbacks events since we got started.

While I was attending a Colorado TU Rendezvous in Redstone many years ago I listened to a Denver TU presentation on thinking outside the box. They described the huge success they were having with their Carp Slam and the Evening for the South Platte River. I loved the energy and excitement they were bringing to the table and I wanted to instill that same passion into all our Greenback events.

Out of that mess and a few board meetings was born Surface Film. It’s by far our most unique event and one we are all proud of. I firmly believe it’s successful because it’s so different and not your traditional Trout Unlimited Event. That’s what I love about the work we are doing with the Greenbacks. We’re being creative, exploring new options, and inspiring the TU community.  If you have a great idea on how we can make the Greenbacks better, I’d encourage you to get involved. Help us think outside the caddis. We’re only as good as the people who make it up and we could use your help.