Several years ago my cousin wanted to get out a fly fish a small stream and use dry flies for trout. With experience only warm water fishing for bass and carp on a spin reel, he was at least interested to give it a try. I was guiding at the time at a local outfitter and had a day off, so I decided to invite him out using a 3wt for small wild trout. He was 12 at the time and immediately got into tons of fish on his first day.

The kid loved it so much, that he started investing in flies, fly rods, reels, vests, etc. He got small jobs, and with just about all his money, he would hit the local fly shop and keep adding to his gear collection. He even got a new vice to learn how to tie. All he wanted to do was fish. We even met up outside of the state and fished other streams. He just couldn’t get enough.

Garrett is now 16, and the passion has only grown in the years since he started. However, last month, his father’s truck was broken into, and all of his gear was stolen. Needless to say he was crushed. Everything he’d worked hard for was gone.

I talked with him this past weekend, and he still hasn’t been able to replace his gear and hasn’t fished since. I told him that’s unacceptable , and that I have a reel I rarely, if ever, use any more, and that I would give it to him. We’re going fishing soon with my gear so at least he can get out, but he really needs to start building that collection again.

Anyone want to help a kid out? Got some extra stuff laying around you don’t use? I’m willing to buy it to get this kid back on the water.

Leave a comment and I’ll get in touch. Thieves Suck.