Last Thursday (Oct 15th), was an amazing night for The Greenbacks. We launched our first event of our new Monthly Tying Night. Sticking to every third Thursday of of the month, you can expect to see us getting out there and tying some bugs.

At this particular event, we were aiming for our favorite midge patterns. While most of us stuck to that, we had a surprising amount of people interested in what we were doing. with that said, we had some new people at the vise who had never tied before who jumped right in and started tying their first San Juans. A big thanks to Fermaentra for hosting us! We look forward to having you guys there next time for more fun. Next month’s theme should be revealed shortly so stay tuned!

Checkout The Greenbacks Facebook Page to see the images from that night and be sure to tag yourself and friends in them!

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