Last night I had an amazing opportunity to bring the art of tying flies to the Denver University campus. Organizer Audrey Adler gave me a ring at the beginning of the year wondering if introducing the Fly Fishing club at DU to tying flies. Although I have done work with individuals before in showing them the techniques to get started, I have never got in front of a room and shared my knowledge with a multitude of people.


We started out with everyone’s 1st fly and a productive pattern the Good Ole San Juan. We each tied about 3 or 4 of them just to get used to how the vises functioned, how much pressure you can put on the thread, and the always fun task of finding out which tools were faulty. With confidence at an all time medium, we pushed forward into a very simple bead head chenille leach I had only learned myself that afternoon. This pattern¬†was a huge hit with everyone. Even though it is a simple enough fly to understand, it is flashy and complex enough to catch the attention of any angler new or seasoned to the sport. Come to one of our tying events and I will show you.

Over all everyone had a blast, myself included. To all of the DU students, I hope to see you at our next tying event. As always if you’re interested in Join us, let me know by adding yourself to our tying newsletter.


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Heres all of the images from the DU tying event: